After Cabinet Restoration and Wood Renewal

5 Reasons to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

In this economy, everyone is looking for the best possible deal when they decide to have their kitchen cabinet refinished. What are some of the reasons to refinish cabinets and not reface kitchen cabinets?

1. Affordable: Cabinet refinishing is a fraction of the cost of cabinet refacing, leaving you extra money, perhaps to update your kitchen countertops.
2. Fast: Cabinet refinishing can be completed in just one day! Including darkening your cabinets.
3. Easy: No emptying your entire kitchen cabinets. Only your countertops need to be cleared off.
4. Good Results: Cabinet refinishing can restore your cabinet finish to a ‘like new’ result, thus giving your cabinets additional life.
5. Protects: Cabinet Refinishing cleans AND protects your cabinets for many more years, thus your kitchen cabinets will not end up in a landfill prematurely.

Cabinet refinishing is a great alternative to a complete kitchen remodel and will save you time, money and headaches! Fall is the best time to think about getting your home ready for the holidays, which are right around the corner. Consider kitchen cabinet refinishing for your cabinet update.

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