A Fast Fix For Restoring and Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

mid-century-kitchen-knobs-and-drawer-pullsLooking for a fast, inexpensive, and efficient and way to update your kitchen cabinets? You may consider cabinet refinishing. For a lot less money than replacing or refacing your cabinets, you can have your cabinets looking almost as good as the day they were installed!

It’s common knowledge that your kitchen is the most used and most popular room in the house! Your kitchen and cabinets are used many times on a daily basis. Make your kitchen something you are truly proud of.  Your solution is easy and quite simple.   With a few relatively low-cost steps you may increase the usefulness of your cabinets and make your cabinets a thing of beauty.

Cabinet refinishing can be completed in just one day because they work with your existing finish.  Cabinets are cleaned thoroughly, the existing stain color is matched and applied to damaged areas. After the stain is evenly applied then a finish coat will protect and seal your cabinets and will bring back the beauty and luster to your dull kitchen.  Not only are you beautifying your existing cabinets, you will add years of life to your cabinets, thus, saving you oodles of money.

Install roll-out shelves and save wear and tear on your body.  Having roll-out shelves installed in your pantry or for your pots and pans will save your knees and back.  They are so handy when you are looking for that specific ingredient in your cupboards.  No more rummaging through the canned goods. Just pull out your roll-out shelf and easily located the item you are wanting. Make sure your hardware is all metal because you don’t want to be replacing your roll-outs because the plastic pieces have become brittle and broke.

Knobs and handles can complete your kitchen with an inexpensive update.Installing decorative hardware will not only increase the functionality of your cabinets but it adds interest and drama. In this economy everyone is looking for a low cost solution. Shop around for the best pricing on hardware, it can vary widely. You might want to think about a single drill pattern for you knobs.  This way you can easily change them out in a few years when you are looking for a change in style.

If you currently have knobs and handles be sure to choose new knobs and handles with the same drill pattern as your existing hardware.  If you do not currently have knobs and handles it might be wise to choose knobs with a single drill hole and then if you’d like to change them in the future it’s much easier to do.

Crown moulding can add a dramatic look to your kitchen and really dress up your existing cabinets. You must make sure you have the space between the top of your cabinet doors and the top of your cabinets or ceiling.  It might be best to leave it to the professionals for installation.  Crown install can be a bit tricky to install.  Crown moulding really finishes off a kitchen or any room quite nicely.  It adds that extra touch and is truly worth the cost and effort.  Crown comes in different sizes and styles and can be quite ornate or very simple. Just depends on your budget and decorating taste.

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