A Smart Kitchen in a Small Space

 Designing a smart kitchen in small spaces can be quite the struggle.  It’s challenging and difficult to maximize space, form and function into a minimal kitchen footprint.  But it can be done.

 Use nearby Space

The kitchen space needed really doesn’t have to be located in the kitchen.  Think of your pantry as a dining room closet and use it as such. To make it more accessible, install roll-out shelves, deep drawer boxes or adjustable shelves. Use your empty wall space for niche shelving.  Utilize your space with more style and more intelligently.

 You might want to think about an appliance garage for your appliances. This makes your countertops less crowded and less cluttered. Your appliances are still just as handy, they’re just “parked” out of sight.

 Put the Walls to Work

Move your cooking items to the walls. You still have access to your pots & pans, cooking oils and spices, they’re just more stylish! They now have great glass shelving sized perfectly for spices on the wall. No more searching through packed cabinets for the right pot or the right spice. These range-side items provide effortless access to your cooking gear and spices.  Get creative.

 Island Storage Ideas

Use your island with a combination of drawers and opened storage for a furniture-style look. It makes your kitchen look beautiful as well as functional.  Use baskets in your island to keep your vegetables handy and this also gives them access to fresh air so they won’t spoil as quickly.

 Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are around spinning shelf that allows you to put items at the back of the cabinets but still with access.

 Blind Corner Lazy Susans 

An easy access to your ‘blind’ corners can increase your usable storage space. Blind corner lazy Susans are half-moon shaped shelves that pivot at the front of the cabinet.

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