Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

mid-century-kitchen-knobs-and-drawer-pullsThe kitchen cabinet refacing process can save typical homeowners thousands of dollars and it won’t kick you out of your kitchen for months!

Cabinet refacing is a fast and effective way to update your cabinets, making them look brand-spanking new! You can literally change the entire look of your kitchen without having to tear your cabinets out.  You can keep your existing countertops if you want.  A typical cabinet refacing project takes approximately 5 days to complete. Custom door styles and custom cabinet colors are also available with refacing.  The truth is that door style, door quality and finish quality are really what determine the quality of the cabinets.  With refacing, the same doors are used that are used in custom cabinets and the conversion varnish finish can also be used with refaced cabinets.

Another good tip for cabinet upgrades is drawer boxes. Make your cabinetry more user friendly with custom drawer boxes. Are your kitchen drawer boxes rubbing, squeaking or coming off the tracks? Perhaps your drawer front is coming apart from the drawer box? Many homeowners experience these types of problems when inferior products are used. With dovetailed, doweled or solid wood drawer boxes come with a smooth finish with full extension hardware and soft-close mechanism.  This is a feature that everyone can appreciate every time they open and close their drawers! The full extensions allow you to access your FULL drawer box, not just the items located in the front of the drawer box and the soft-close givens them a more elegant feel.

Everyone can benefit from roll-out shelves No matter how young or old you are.  Save your back and knees with roll-out shelving by not longer having to search for items in your cupboards, bring the wanted items to you with your roll-out shelves.  Get your pantry and your kitchen organized.  No more buying duplicate canned goods cause you can’t see in the back of your pantry! Roll-out shelves are custom made and are very strong and durable. They can handle heavy items like heavy duty pots and pans or everyday canned goods.

Installing knobs and handles can also make an interesting and inexpensive upgrade to your kitchen.  Investigate the many types of materials available to you.  The beauty of knobs and handles are that if you tire of them in a couple years it’s easy to replace them.  Just be sure to buy the same exact drill pattern for easy replacement and swap them out.  Knobs and pulls come in a large variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Glass, wood, metal and stone are just a few suggestions, and you can really dress up some existing cabinets by changing out the hardware.  Keep in mind that everything doesn’t have to match exactly either.  Knobs on the doors and pull on the drawer boxes is a very common design.  The only rule is that the finish color should match.

Other cabinet modifications can be made with a refaced project.  To save valuable real estate on your countertops, store necessities like cutting boards and cooling racks in cabinets outfitted with vertical dividers.  This allows you to store such items more efficiently and allows you to have more easy access to them.

To accommodate kitchen utensils of different sizes and dimensions, consider dividing your drawers in diagonal sections to gain maximum length, accommodating even the longest kitchen tools. This is a great and creative- idea and best of all, so easy to do.

If you happen to be replacing a specific cabinet during your refacing project you may consider modifying the “toe kick” portion of cabinet with a drawer box. The drawer is unseen when pushed closed and is ideal for storing roasting pans or baking sheets, thus enabling you to harness the empty space beneath your base cabinets.  Such a clever idea!



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