Cabinet Refinishing: When Time and Money Matter

Your cabinet refinishing can look even better that when they were initially installed thanks to modern techniques and products. Cabinet refinishing is a process that is considered a specialty in the contracting world.  Not many contractors are experienced in this procedure so be sure to choose a company with plenty of experience.  If you don’t, you may be asking for trouble!

 Your existing cabinets can be restored to their original color and luster, and the best part is your cabinet finish does NOT have to be completely stripped down to the bare wood.  The cabinet refinishing process is done by cleaning your existing cabinets, applying stain to the areas that may have damage to even out the color and then lastly, applying a finish top coat which will seal and protect your cabinets.

 Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless headaches with the cabinet refinishing process.  It is a very economical choice over cabinet replacement or cabinet refacing and it’s a fraction of the cost.

 The cabinet refinishing process can usually be completed in just one day.  It’s fast, easy and affordable. There is minimal preparation required of the homeowner.

 To make your kitchen truly user-friendly you might also want to consider having roll-out shelves installed too. This upgrade to your kitchen saves wear and tear on your knees and back.  Roll-out shelves are a must for any kitchen. Don’t you think you deserve to treat yourself? No more squatting or bending trying to find that certain pot or pan. No more rummaging through the pantry searching for the specific item to complete your culinary masterpiece. Pull out your roll-out shelf and have  easy access to your entire pantry.

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