After Cabinet Restoration- Antioch CA

Cabinet Restoration – Antioch, CA

For this cabinet restoration job, the Antioch homeowner was happy with the color of her oak cabinets but not the condition of the finish. Years of water exposure had worn and damaged the sub-quality finish in areas and exposed the bare wood.

Normally, this type of damage could warp the wood and could be extremely expensive for the homeowner to repair. Fortunately, this was not the case.

We were able to get the cabinets cleaned, added a nice cabinet finish, repaired parts that needed it and restored the cabinets to their original beauty.

The process we used seals and protects the wood cabinets, adding years to the life the cabinetry. These customers were truly amazed with their results and were so impressed they sent us these before and after pictures!

Before Cabinet Restoration

Before Cabinet Restoration - Antioch, CA

After Cabinet Restoration

After Cabinet Restoration- Antioch CA

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