After Cabinet Restoration - Pittsburg CA

Cabinet Restoration – Pittsburg, CA

These Pittsburg customers first inquired about kitchen cabinet restoration finish for their light oak kitchen cabinets. In the course of our conversation, I told them we can restore any interior cabinet finish.

This includes interior wood doors, linen or bar area cabinets and laundry cabinets. Fortunately, cabinet restoration is not limited to kitchen cabinets.

Before Cabinet Restoration

Before Cabinet Restoration - Pittsburg, CA

Knowing their options, our clients were thrilled and hired us to restore the finish on their kitchen cabinets, two bath vanities and the stair rails. We also supplied and installed a new cutting board to replace their existing cutting board. Simple maintenance and upgrades will keep your kitchen useful and functioning for many years to come!

After Cabinet Restoration

After Cabinet Restoration - Pittsburg CA

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