Custom Cabinet Look, Without the Cost

Everyone is looking to save money these days but folks still want to update and improve their homes. Here are some inexpensive ideas to spruce up your kitchen without breaking your budget.  And some of these suggestions can be completed by you, the homeowner.

Just because your current cabinets are worn or dated doesn’t mean you have to tear them out and start over. Simply replace your doors and drawer fronts. You can choose a quality, solid wood door and have the doors and drawer fronts stained to match your existing cabinet boxes.  The doors are your cabinets so replacing them basically, give you knew cabinets.

You may think about adding an accent door with colored or clear glass, frosted glass or stainless steel.  This can be inexpensively done depending on your glass choice.

Mouldings can really add character to your kitchen at a relatively low cost. Mouldings range in styles from simple, classic, elegant and ornate.  You can add mouldings to the tops, bottoms or edges of your cabinets. Moulding added along the bottom of your upper cabinets can conceal under cabinet lighting.

Under cabinet lighting is also another great kitchen update that is relatively inexpensive.  This type lighting really creates nice kitchen atmosphere.

Think about adding decorative trim pieces like corbels, corner details turnings or inlays.  “Legs” or feet added to the bases of cabinets create the look of freestanding furniture.

Now for the final inexpensive touch. Just like the right piece of jewelry can make an outfit, so can the right knob or handle complete the look of your custom kitchen with the cost.  Be sure to choose a knob, handle or pull that can stand up to years of use.  Also, consider the style of your cabinets and pick knobs and handles that feel comfortable in your hands.

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