Dos & Don’ts: Cabinet Restoration Can Save You Money

Protecting and sealing your kitchen cabinets with a cabinet restoration  doesn’t have to be expensive.  Your kitchen tends to be the “heart of the home” and why jeopardize serious family fun and memories by not having an inviting kitchen?   Before you pay too much for a  kitchen remodel consider having your cabinet finish restored with a cabinet restoration.

DO:  Have your cabinet restoration done  professionally.  This will extend the life of your existing cabinets. Professionals will use industrial strength products and warranty their work for a year.

DON”T: Have your cabinets oiled.  This is a temporary solution and can actually make your cabinets dirtier by attracting more dust particles.  The oily solution used will just sit on top of the cabinet finish.  The oily material will either evaporate or wipe off when you touch it.

DO:  Have your restored cabinets receive a color shift.  If you are looking for a color change for your cabinets this can be achieved with a cabinet restoration. This process only applies if you’d like you cabinets to be darker by a shade or two, it’s fast and relatively inexpensive.

DON”T: Have your cabinet finish stripped to the bare wood, especially if they are painted.  Many times cabinets and cabinet doors are patched and painted over.  You would not be aware of the flaws until the paint has been removed.  You are taking a risk if you decide to go this route.

DO: Have an cabinet expert replace any broken or damaged drawer boxes. Also, they  can usually  install roll-out shelves for your convenience.  Doing this guarantees the new drawer boxes and roll-outs will work properly and will make your kitchen more useful.

DON’T: Have a ‘handyman’ service perform your cabinet restoration or install your drawer boxes.  You are better served using a cabinet expert.  Handyman services have their niche and are great for minor repairs but leave the cabinet work for the experts.

Cabinet restoration can usually be completed in just one day and is one of the most affordable ways to protect your cabinets and  protect your home investment!

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