Dress Up Your Kitchen for the Holidays: 5 Simple and Inexpensive Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Who isn’t looking for an inexpensive, fast and effective remedy for a holiday kitchen makeover?  Kitchens tend to be the centerpiece of your home and even more so during the holiday season. Many times it is the gathering place for parties, holiday dinners and overall entertaining.  The  following suggestions can help you with your holiday kitchen makeover and save you money too!


  1. Cabinet finish restoration:  having your cabinet finish cleaned and restored will revitalize your worn and dull existing cabinet finish.  This can add years to the life of your cabinets and you can enjoy the fact it is a reasonably priced remedy.
  2. Cabinet finish color shift: this process can be performed on stained cabinets that you wish to darken. You cannot lighten the cabinets by this process.  Again, it is a fast and inexpensive way to darken the color of your existing stained cabinet finish and truly giving your cabinets a kitchen makeover.
  3. Paint your cabinets:  painting your exisiting cabinetry is a budget-friendly way to give your cabinets a kitchen makeover.  It is key to find a licensed painted familiar with cabinet painting since it can be a bit tricky and there is some skill involved.
  4. Replacing or installing decorative knobs and handles:  Hardware is like jewelry for the cabinetry and the right pieces can make your newly made- over cabinets shine.  You may consider using glass knobs for your cabinets. They can be glittery and glamorous, eye candy for your cabinets.  Or you may like to add more drama by mixing and matching styles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match hardwar for a custome look.   As long as they have the same finish, it’s interesting to mix and match styles.  If it’s too matchy-matchy, there’s not enough drama!
  5. Countertop replacement:  New countertops can make a huge difference in a kitchen makeover.  A solid surface countertop is the most functional and desired material.  Whether you choose laminate, quartz or granite you can’t go wrong with updating your countertops.


The holidays are just around the corner so be sure you allow plenty of time for your kitchen makeover project.  These helpful suggestions will help you focus on the main issues to streamline your holiday kitchen makeover.

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