Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Again

ThinkGlass-created-personalize-kitchen-use-glass-kitchen-countertops-beautiful-patterns1Fall in love with your kitchen again, it’s never too late.  Whether your project is to completely renovate an older home or to customize a basic track home design you can have your dream kitchen by converting existing spaces.  With the right professionals, careful planning and smart and sassy updates you can achieve what you want. Create a kitchen that reaches its fullest potential with livability and functionality. Restore beauty in your kitchen to maximize storage and space with projects that fit your budget, style and time frame.  Here are some material recommendations, kitchen improvement updates, budget ideas and remodeling advice to help you keep you project on the right path.

Do your research , know your budget and be prepared for “sticker shock”.  Until you know what things cost you can’t be budget savvy.  Write your “wish list” of what you’re wanting, including large ticket items as well as smaller features such as sinks and facet choices.  Look at magazines, the internet and browse showrooms.  Divide your list into two columns: A) for pricey items and B) for more budget-friendly choices.  Be sure to have your quotes itemized so you can eliminate or pick and choose exactly what you are willing to pay for, the devil is in the details.  Be sure your quotes are accurate and that the contractors are quoting for the same exact job.  That way you can correctly compare “apples to apples” thus reflecting the same materials, completeness and methods.

You should also think about adding 10-20% of the job costs to your budget for the unexpected.  There are things that just cannot be anticipated. Unforeseen costs that occur, such as the positioning of electrical outlets, the under sink plumbing that may need to be upgraded, etc. Every time there is a delay and work stops on your project, costs go up.  The best way to control your costs and budget is  to get all your ducks in a row BEFORE any contractor touches your kitchen.

Your dream kitchen begins with a good plan.  Even if you keep your existing kitchen layout, contact a design pro to help you utilize your space more efficiently and pull together a winning look. Think about adding roll-out shelves to your pantry cabinets for canned food items.  Or roll-out shelves for your heavy pots and pans. Roll-out shelves with full extension slides will help save your back and make your cook wear a lot more accessible.

One place that you should not skimp on quality is on your kitchen cabinets. Cheaply made cabinets may look good at first but usually won’t last 5 years.  Inexpensive and poorly made cabinets are penny-wise and pound-foolish.   Be sure that your cabinet hardware, including hinges and drawer slides, are all metal.  If your cabinets have plastic pieces they may become brittle and break at the most unfortunate time.

Cabinet finish is almost as important as the construction of the cabinet.  Make sure you have a durable finish that will last the life of the cabinets. Conversion varnish is one of the

The ambience of good lighting is also an essential factor for a stylish and orchestrated kitchen.  Under cabinet lighting, recessed cans and accent lighting, all shape the comfort and beauty of a room.  Well-blended layers of lighting is a good plan to incorporate.

Countertop selection can prove to be a bit of project in itself.  Home owners have many options, glass and recycled glass, stainless steel, concrete and wood.

Glass countertop material benefits are it’s heat and stain resistant, durable and easy to clean! But it is difficult to repair.

Recycled glass countertops are mixed with resin or concrete, are heat-resistant and durable but they do require sealing as a maintenance issue.

Concrete countertops are easily customized, heat-resistant and durable but, like recycled glass counters, they must be sealed regularly to resist moisture and stains.

Wood countertops age well with use and are easily repaired but are vulnerable to stains, moisture and heat.  Also, wood counters can pose a sanitary problem and it is suggested not to prepare food directly on the wood countertop.

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