Fashionable and Funcitonal Accents: Where to Add Those Extra Touches

When is your kitchen, living room or bathroom re-decorating project truly finished?  Small and large accents really complete your living spaces, some are functional, some are fashionable, all are important add to your shopping list.

 One of the easiest ways to make a big impact is cabinet hardware, knob, handles or pulls.  A style-setter for blank-slate cabinets or existing storage space and can be an affordable upgrade. Consider the best style, type, and finish for your needs.  Some tips on buying the best types of knobs and pulls are as follows:

 Recognize what hardware styles and finishes look best with different cabinet looks. Look through brochures or visit showrooms for ideas. Not all of the knobs and pulls have to match in finish.  Consider glass knobs too, they can be an interesting accent piece.

 Replace outdated kitchen lighting over the island or peninsula area with pendant lights. You can easily find stylish, updated pendant lights at a local home center or try online lighting outlets.

Consider using decorative glass on a couple of your kitchen cabinet doors.  We’re seeing more and more of this since it’s fairly easy to order a pair of doors with the glass inserts.  You can choose from several types of glass; clear, ribbed, bubbled or even stained just to list a few.  Adding glass doors to your cabinets can add an appealing sparkle to your kitchen.

 Replacing your current, clunky- wood coffee table with an oversized upholstered ottoman may just be the accent update that your living room needs.  Place a couple trays with accent color pieces for display and you’ll still have room left to put your feet up at the end of the day.

 Your bookshelves don’t have to just sit there holding your books. Make them interesting by decorating them. Do something daring! Paint the back of them with bold colors; chocolate, gold or even red! Or, wallpaper the back with a stipe, toile or check print.

Still skeptic? Try a temporary design by removing the shelves and fitting the back with fabric covered foam core.

 Simple window treatments can add a tailored elegance. Avoid heavy or fussy styled window coverings. Instead, try simple or sheer panels

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