Granite Counter Tops and Cabinet Restorations: A Smart Solution for Any Kitchen Make-Over

With an ever-changing range of choices, stone and tile surfaces have a place in almost every kitchen. A natural beauty, granite is made of feldspar, quartz, mica and other materials. Granite counter tops are such a desirable material because it’s durable, impervious to heat, scratching and staining. Granite Counter Tops do require sealing, however the sealing process is quick and easy and adds to the durability of the stone.  Some folks steer away from granite counter tops because of having to seal the granite, but it basically consists of wiping on a liquid and letting it dry!  There also is available a Granite counter top cleaner that has sealant in it so every time you clean your countertops your sealing your countertops as well. You can find this product in most grocery stores now.

Granite counter top finishes come in a polished, honed or matte finish and has many different standard and exotic colors. You might think about “mixing it up” with different counter top materials.  If your budget is being stretched
then you might consider installing granite in a prominent area, like an island,
and use a different counter top material everywhere else.

Be sure to buy a quality kitchen sink and faucet. You don’t want to have to replace either items anytime soon and also buy an under mount sink when you replace your counter tops.  With an under mount sink you can wipe crumbs
or liquid right into the sink, not around the lip of the sink bowl. Under mount
sinks are just more desirable and functional than a top mount sink.

You also have to think about your backsplash when you are installing granite counter tops. You may also consider pairing totally different materials for your backsplash like laminate, metal, wood and composites. They function and fashion equally well. You must decide which one meets your needs best. You can also coordinate borders and trims for a more decorative look. Visit some local showrooms to learn what tiles, granites and other backsplash materials are available to you and which work best together.

When you have your granite counter tops installed you may notice your cabinets are in need of a make-over.  Cabinet restoration is an inexpensive process that you may consider. Cabinet restoration works with the cabinet’s original color and you canhave your cabinets restored to the original finish color, or, perhaps, darken
them a shade or two. Either way you choose, cabinet restoration can save you
thousands of dollars by allowing you to keep your existing cabinets and not
have to endure the expense of replacing them.
Consider cabinet restoration when you have your new granite counter tops

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