Great Cost-Cutting Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you ready for a major sticker shock? Kitchen remodels, even minor remodels, now cost on the average around $19K. The midrange average major kitchen remodel is around $57K and an full, upscale remodel with all the bells and whistles is an unbelievable $111K. Those are pricy amounts by anyone’s standards. But there are options that allow you to pay a lot less and still give you the kitchen of your dreams. Knowing what, where and how to cut your costs is the trick. Here are some of the best money-cutting secrets. If you use them you may get your dream kitchen for a lot less money!

Keep the existing layout
The average cost for kitchen remodel construction is approximately $80 per square foot. So if you are thinking about expanding your current kitchen by only 5 square feet to a 10 x 10 room, right off the bat you’ll be spending an extra $4K before you even start shopping for countertops or cabinetry.

Changing the location of your appliances can really add to the price since you may have to re-route the existing plumbing and or wiring. This one change could end up costing you thousands in unexpected or unplanned costs. Be sure to think twice when contemplating expanding into another room. You may think that removing a wall is an somewhat easy change, but you have to consider dealing with floor and walls patching and matching including the existing moulding. All those items add to the overall expense.

Negotiate with your contractor
Feel free to counter and negotiate with your contractor or subcontractor, especially in this current economy. Don’t consider it ‘bad manners’, consider it ‘smart dealings.’ It’s recommended that you get 3 separate bids, making sure they outline the exact work to be done. This can be helpful with effective negotiations between competing bids and contractors. Also, keeping in mind that contractors are more willing to negotiate pricing during their slow season, which is usually in the fall or winter months.

Getting down and dirty
Do save yourself some money you might want to do some of the demolition work yourself. Even the most un-experienced homeowner can tackle this do-it-yourself task. Make sure to speak with your contractor before you grab a sledgehammer and start tearing down any walls. You need to know exactly what you’re doing, making sure the project and the schedule dates are in sync. If your old appliances and cabinets are in relatively good shape, you might want to think about making some extra money by selling them on Craigslist or hosting a yard sale. You may even want to donate them to an organization.

Go bargain shopping
You might save big money by buying last year’s model or even the store’s floor model. Ask the sales clerk about any options they may suggest or offer. If you don’t mind pre-owned appliances in good condition you might consider shopping at re-stores. Another suggestion for saving money on appliances is looking for energy rebate offers. Consumer Reports suggested their readers saved approximately $150 with rebates, according to a recent study.

Choose standard sized
Large, restaurant-sized equipment may be very nice to have, but they come with a big price tag. The added expense won’t stop just at the out-the-door cost. Chances are you would have to modify you current cabinets to accommodate the larger appliance, 8 inch duct working is required instead of the standard 6 inch and the more powerful cooking appliances tend to use more Btu . If this is the case you will need to install a larger vent hood which can add to higher energy costs.

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