Happy New Year! Now is the Time for Cabinet Restoration

In the home improvement market or cabinet trade, there are so many procedures and ideas that can overwhelm a homeowner. Homeowners who are interested in learning about more on the subject please read on. Cabinet restoration can be a great option for you!

Cabinet Restore: Why Restore?

Restoration gives you an updated look and will give you plenty of additional years of life to your cabinetry. Cabinet restoration is a great alternative to refacing cabinets or replacing cabinets since it is so affordable!

Cabinet Restoration: What is Involved?

Cabinet restoration is usually a one day process. Cabinets are cleaned, removing any build-up of grime or grease or lacquer finish that may be flaking off. The existing cabinet finish color is matched and applied to areas with damage due to sunlight, steam or water exposure. A top coat is then applied which will seal and protect the newly cleaned cabinetry.

Cabinet Restoration: How Long Will it Take?

Kitchen sizes vary and so does the process time. An average size kitchen is approximately 48 linear feet and an average kitchen can usually be restored in one or two days! The homeowners preparation consists only of making sure their countertops are completely clear of any clutter.

Cabinet restoration is the most affordable way to protect your cabinet investment. Fora all your kitchen cabinet projects and ideas visit www.cabinetrestorations.com or call Kitchen Make-Overs @ 925 753-5002 for a free estimate. Help us, help others with their cabinet needs: cabinet or wood restoration, new drawer boxes, roll-out shelves, and cabinet refinishing. “Like Us” on facebook and tell others.


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