Home Improvements: The Most Popular When Purchasing Home

hminvestmentBefore making the big decision to buy a home, one must consider hundreds of major factors, location of the house, the size of the home and lot, the school district, the distance to shopping, etc.  Most people are trying to find that perfect home that grants most of their wishes but in reality, they often settle for a home that doesn’t contain everything they want.

But certain interior features are worth spending extra money if they are included in the price of the home.  Most people are willing to pay more for a home with central air conditioning, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom or new kitchen appliances.

Most of the desirable features center around the kitchen.  This makes sense since the kitchen is considered a major focal point of the home.   A kitchen island or stainless steel appliances are the top requests for potential homebuyers.  Kitchens are acting as an informal gathering place and people, in general, have shown more and more interest in having a beautiful, big kitchen.  More people are interested in cooking as a hobby and, therefore, want a functional workspace along with a welcoming ambience.

The kitchen characteristics that are desired depend on the home buyer’s age.  The folks in the 35-54 age range, other than any other group, found the internal features of the home, like the kitchen, to be very important in the decision making.  Younger people buying their first home tend to jump into the real estate market to build their equity and the features of the home are less important to them.  To the younger folks, their house is a place to eat, sleep and store possessions because they are on the go most the time.

When buyers are in the midst of raising a family they focus on the home features as an investment.  They build more of a connection with the house and the details of the home are more important.  They are looking to improve the quality of life and life memories and less for long-term value investment.  The home becomes more of a shield from the outside world, separating the family from the perils of society, a sanctuary of sorts.

Most people said they would be willing to pay more for upgrades for the home, how much more they’d pay was not necessarily high.  Potential home buyers without a walk-in closet indicated they were willing to pay more for one but at a price that was considerably much less than what a walk-in closet typically costs.

If you are looking to change the look of the cabinets in your newly purchased home and if replacing them just aren’t in the budget, there are options available to you. .  Depending on the condition of the cabinet structure and cabinet finish will determine which remedy works best for you.

Cabinet refacing will totally change the look of your existing cabinets.  New material is bonded to your cabinets and new doors and drawer fronts are installed. Decorative crown moulding is also installed giving you a rich, new look to your kitchen.

If your cabinet color looks good but the finish needs a little TLC, then finish restoration could be for you.  Cabinets are cleaned.  Damaged areas are preppared, matching cabinet color is applied to damaged cabinets.  When desired color is reached, the top-coat is applied and your cabinets are refinished, adding years of life to your cabinets.   Bath vanities, stair rails, laundry room cabinets can all benefit from cabinet finish restoration.

Really, the first thing on people’s wish-lists is the location and the neighborhood.  The commuting distance and difficulty to get to work factor into the major decision.  Pretty much everything starts with location.  You may have the best home in the world but if it’s not conveniently located for you, either by school district, neighborhood or work location, you are just not going to be interested.

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