How to Clean Your House in One Hour or Less

In our current day-to-day lives, who wants to spend valuable time cleaning your house? I know I don’t. So I have some suggestions and ideas for you to clean your home in less time than you thought possible.

 The key is to move fast, have a system and don’t go back to a room. Write your house cleaing strategy down on paper or at least think about how you are going to tackle each room. Plan out what needs to be done and estimate how much time to spend in each room.  Start upstairs and work your way downstairs and you’ll be done before you know it!

 Bedrooms: You should allow approximately 10 minutes per bedroom.

 Start by stripping the beds and tossing the dirty sheets in laundry hamper. Put away all unnecessary items cluttering up your dresser or nightstand. Put clothes away in drawers or hang up clothes in the closet.  Empty your wastepaper basket. Dust using a microfiber cloth.  Start on one side of the room working your way around to the other side, making sure not to miss anything. Remake bed with freshly cleaned sheets.   Vacuum your floors starting from a back corner and vacuuming your way to the door. That way you won’t disturb the vacuum marks on the carpet and your carpet looks freshly vacuumed for a longer time.

 Bathrooms: You should allow approximately 9 minutes per bathroom.

 Spray your sink, vanity countertop, shower and tub with your all-purpose, antibacterial cleaning solution and let sit. Sprinkle powder cleaner with bleach into the toilet; give it a thorough scrub with a toilet brush and let sit. Wipe clean your sink, vanity countertop, shower and tub. Also spray with cleaner and wipe down the outside of the toilet and tank.  Spray and wipe the bathroom mirror with glass cleaner.  Mop the floor with a microfiber mop using a disinfectant solution. Flush the toilet.

 Living Room:  You should allow approximately 15 minutes for the Living Room.

 Start your living room by clearing away all clutter.  Quickly scan the room to see what is out of place; neatly arrange magazines on the coffee table, pick-up the shoes left on the floor and stash items like television remotes in baskets or drawers. Next you should dust using a microfiber cloth.  Start on one side of the room working your way around to the other side, making sure not to miss anything. Clean your glass surfaces and make them gleam!  Use your glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the best results.  Vacuum last, again starting in the farther corner and vacuuming your way out of the room so your carpet looks freshly vacuumed longer.

 Kitchen: You should allow approximately 12 minutes for the kitchen.

 Start cleaning the kitchen by first de-cluttering the countertops. Put all unnecessary items away. The emptier your counters are the cleaner your kitchen looks. Do the dishes, load and start the dishwasher cycle.  Wipe off your countertops with a kitchen friendly all-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the appliances: refrigerator, microwave, stove and oven using a damp cloth or appliance cleaner. Sweep the floor and mop with a microfiber mop using an appropriate cleaner for your existing flooring.  What a great feeling of accomplishment when you are finished and you still have time for yourself.  The approximate times for each room my vary depending on the room size, amount of clutter and cleaning needs, but you get the idea! The key to cleaning your house in one hour or less, really, is to have a cleaning game plan.

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