Kiss Kitchen Clutter Goodby: Storage Smarts

Kitchen-Storage-SolutionsKiss Kitchen Clutter Goodbye: Storage Smarts

Get your kitchen in working order by organizing!  Maximize your storage space by using simple tricks.  These tricks help you make the clutter-free most of every available inch.

Make sure your cabinets have easy access. Dedicate certain areas on the counter for meal preparation.  Store your most used ingredients in the meal prep area in the upper cabinets or lower cabinets for quick access.  Be sure that your ingredients are sealed properly, thus making them last longer.

Corral your favorite snacks in baskets to keep them from getting crushed.  That way they are protected and you won’t end up with a bag of crumbs. To keep food fresh once the packages have been opened,  use clothes pins to clip them closed or transfer the food to a plastic baggie that has a “zipper” type closure. Keep snacking treats on a low, kid-friendly shelf.

Group your items together in a large storage containers. For instance, keep baking supplies, sugar, flour, baking soda, etc., in a plastic tub that fits in your panty.   This makes it easy just to grab the entire box and place it on the counter for easy access during your baking process.

Be sure to purge your spices every 3 years.  Write the date on each of your spices when you purchase them. Most dried herbs and spices max out at three years.

Install a pullout drawer under your sink to store your dishwasher & dishwashing soaps and other cleaning items.    Glue a clothes pin to the inside of your sink base door to clip your rubber gloves.

Make your utensil drawer look pretty! Tidy it up by lining it with a decorative oilcloth. Next, buy a variety of drawer organizers in different sizes then arrange them in the drawer box.  Use the small ones for essentials like corn cob holders and the rectangular ones for the larges tools.  The last and hardest step is to try to keep everything looking this way! For all your kitchen cabinet projects and ideas, visit or call Kitchen Make-Overs @ 925 753-5002.  Help us to help others with their cabinet needs.  “Like” us on Facebook and be sure to tell others about our cabinet restoration, new drawer boxes, roll-out shelves, cabinet refinishing and cabinet restoration services.


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