Kitchen Cabinet Refacing; What to Do, When to Do It

Part of the hassle of re-doing your kitchen is what to do and when to do it.  Planning out your project in advance can really help your kitchen cabinet refacing go a lot smoother and it can give you peace of mind too.

3-6 Months

The average time it takes a person to decide what to do with their kitchen is approximately 6 months, so make a file to keep your ideas. Be sure to look through books, magazines. Go online and look at kitchens that appeal to you. Take note of colors, styles, wood types and functionality. If you are replacing appliances be sure to take note of product ID numbers and the manufactures so you can make price comparison.

Make your list of wishes and must haves.  This will help you know where you will and won’t compromise.  Keeps notes on what’s working and what’s not working in your kitchen now.

Research your contractor.  Ask friends for referrals, check with professional associations, or contact your local home improvement store.  They sometimes refer contractors for certain types of jobs.

Make sure you choose licensed contractor especially if you project calls for major structural modifications.  It’s important to have an architect or professional designer working with you.  Even if your project is straightforward, you will benefit from an experienced, licensed contractor.

Make sure you know your numbers.  What do you want to spend on the project and know your financing options. Visit your bank or mortgage lender.  Whatever the highest estimated amount,  figure on spending about 10 percent more.

1-3 Months

Settle on a licensed contractor.  Make sure they are clear on what they are doing and they are clear on what you are expecting from them.   Make sure to get everything is writing, never assume anything.

Have your decisions made regarding your kitchen cabinet refacing. Know your wood species, stain color and what modifications you need.  This will give the contractor plenty of time to special order your materials and will not hold up the project.

Schedule the project.  Expect completion in approximately 7-10 business days.  Contractors do not typically work weekends.  You may want to discuss that with them just to make sure you’re both on the same page as far as scheduling time-frame.

Weeks before and during

Talk with the contractor about the day-to-day process.  What will be the daily routine? Where will the designated workspace be located?  Where does the contractor plan on storing the building materials and if the workers are allowed to use the homeowners restroom.

Clear out your kitchen cabinets. Weed out unwanted cups,dishes or appliances and donate to charity. Set aside the things you want to keep and use every day.  The items you do want to keep but don’t use as often can be packed up in boxes and labeled,  making restocking cabinets much easier.

You will need to set up a temporary kitchen while your kitchen cabinet refacing project is in progress.  Be sure to have access to your microwave, a water source and your refrigerator.  Or you may plan on treating yourself and family to a couple nights out!

Keep your communication open so everyone will know what to expect from one another.  Be sure that your contactor has immediate access to you, either by phone or onsite, for any questions that will arise.

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