Kitchen Cabinets: Restore, Refinish, Replace or Paint


Are your cabinets worn, dirty or just tired looking? Have your kitchen cabinets seen better days?  Not quite ready to reface cabinets or replace cabinets?  There are multiple options for the price conscience homeowner and who isn’t in this economy!

Many People think their only option is a complete remodel and are shocked at the cost for tearing out and replacing their existing cabinets. Let’s explore some of the other options available.

Cabinet Restoration:

This may be a solution for you!  It is a quick and inexpensive way to renew and restore your existing cabinet finish to a ‘like new’ appearance. Cabinet Restoration workings with your existing finish will clean and prepare your cabinets by removing any build up of dirt, grime or grease.  Color is added to the areas that are damaged due to water, steam, or direct sunlight exposure, thus, evening the stain color.  A finish is then applied to seal and protect the cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing:

Striping kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes down to the raw wood is a method that is frequently requested.  It is a tricky option and should be clearly explained to the homeowner prior to starting work. Your results from refinishing your kitchen cabinets will change the color and result in a better finish but will save your little or no money compared to refacing. The results cannot be guaranteed and you must be especially careful if the cabinets are painted prior to striping them.  Many times doors have bondo patching on them that is not seen when cabinets are painted and you are only made aware when paint is removed.  If you currently have stained cabinets and want to restain them a different color, again you need to be aware that the wood will typically take a stain differently the second time than it did when originally stained.

Cabinet Painting:

Painting cabinets can be a money saving option compared to  refacing cabinets. You are able to change the color of your existing cabinets but there are some concerns you should be made aware of.  Painted cabinets may have maintenance issues like yellowing problems and touch up problems. Paint tends to chip or flake and touch up on oil base paint is tricky.  If this option is your choice, be sure to leave it to the professionals to get a quality cabinet paint job.

Door and Drawer Front Replacement:

If you like the bright, clean look of a white or off white kitchen then, perhaps, replacing your doors, drawer fronts and painting your cabinet boxes will work for you! Replacing your doors and drawer fronts with the right material is the key.  Using a Thermo foil door/door front will be virtually maintenance free.  With the door and drawer front replacement you are able to change out your exposed hinges to the more desirable interior hinge or European hinge.  You are, however, limited on solid color options and will not have the natural wood look.

Knobs and Pulls:

An affordable update may be as easy as changing out your cabinet’s knobs and handles to a more current look! Be sure to choose the same drill pattern of the existing knob/handle to do it yourself.  If you currently have no knobs or handles a cabinet contractor can install them for you! Drawer box replacement can give your kitchen a newer feel.  When you have clean, properly working drawer boxes with new slides it really makes your kitchen more user friendly.  Roll-out shelves are also a big hit when making an inexpensive kitchen update, not to mention saving your back when trying to reach those hard-to-reach places.

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