Kitchen Cabinets Storage & Organization Ideas

Having effective use of your kitchen cabinets space is crucial for any kitchen functionality. Check out the following plans and ideas for creating a kitchen that will save you time, money and effort.   First you need to determine what you actually need and use on a regular basis.  Get rid of any broken utensils, mystery gadgets and items collected in excess. Then sort your items by zones.

Cooking items: Store all items for cooking near your cooktop or range so that they are within easy reach, pots, pans, cookie trays, spices, oils and foils and wraps. A spice drawer will help you keep your spices organized and helps you with your kitchen cabinets storage.

Food prep zone: This area is often place on an island, and will include cutlery, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and small appliances. Be sure you have ample space to work and is close to the cooktop or range.

Dishes: For maximun efficiency with minimal effort, be sure the dishwasher, main sink and the storage for the everyday dishes are clustered together.

Food storage zone: Place this area close to your food prep zone. Be it your refrigerator or your kitchen cabinets pantry, food storage must be well-organized for optimum efficency.  No pantry? No problem.  Install roll-out shelves to improve your kitchen cabinets storage needs.

Entertaining: Any type of hosting or entertaining can be a lot of work, so give guests easy access to the wine glasses and  wine refrigerator so they can help themselves without enterting the food prep or cooking zone.

Central command: If homework and mail take over your kitchen then think about adding a small desk area, a place to keep paperwork organized and centralized. Desk area’s in kitchen can be quite useful.

Inventory: Keep an eye on it! A well-organized refrigerator will save you time and money. Keep a running list of your refrigerator and pantry’s contents.  Check your list prior to shopping to prevent buying duplicate items simply because they were out of sight. An organized kitchen cabinets pantry will help you with your ultimate storage issue.

Get familiar with your new kitchen cabinets storage and organization system by removing or keeping your cabinet doors open – for just a week.  You’ll learn much faster where items are now being kept, we promise.









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