Kitchen Make Over Projects That Add Value & Appeal

After Cabinet RefacingHere are some trendy projects that will give your kitchen value and appeal.   Are you finding yourself considering the finer points of cherry cabinetry or weighing the pros and cons of granite countertops?  Kitchen remodeling may be on your brain for the New Year.

A survey conducted by the national Organization of Home Builders (NAHB) in 2012 has indicated that remodels have increase 17 percent from 2 years ago.

Before you jump feet-first into a full fledge kitchen remodel consider what is best for your finances, family and future. Make sure it’ll be a sound investment for you in the future.

Home improvements are classified into two categories: the first adds monetary value to the house, the second makes the house more appealing. For example making your kitchen larger with a remodel will increase the actual value of the house, but if you replace your countertops with granite, this makes the house more appealing to buyers.

Cabinet Refacing or Replacement Cabinets may be your best bet when considering your kitchen make over. Why, because cabinets are the major focal point of a kitchen.  Be sure to investigate all your options when it comes to upgrading your kitchen cabinets.  On the high end of the spectrum you may want to replace your existing cabinets with new cabinetry.  With new cabinets you get the luxury of changing the layout of your current kitchen footprint. Moving appliances or workstations around or even adding an island to make your kitchen space more efficient.

If a total remodel is not in your budget you may consider refacing your cabinets.  Refacing consists of changing your doors, drawers and drawer fronts and then adding wood veneer to the cabinet boxes.  Refacing also gives you the choice of wood species, door style and finish color.  Modifications can also be made in accordance with a cabinet refacing project.

Floor Installation

There are many floor style options available these days. The strategy is choosing flooring that fits your tastes, holds up well to wear and tear and is easy on your pocket book.

Real hardwood is very popular but faux (laminate) may be a better choice, especially when it comes to price.  Laminate flooring (also known as a floating floor) come in a range of colors, qualities and prices are a fraction of the real hardwood price.  Laminate flooring are easier to install. They often use snap and lock technology which means they don’t need to be nailed down.

Countertop Installation

Looking to add value to your house? Choose a countertop that creates a ‘wow factor’ when you enter the room.  Select an affordable granite or manufactured stone. Darker granites with a consistent pattern tend to be a stronger stone and the more the elaborate the pattern (movement) the more expensive the cost.


Lighting is the key to setting a certain mood.  When you pick the right lights and install them in the right place your kitchen will look good it will make your kitchen more comfortable and inviting no matter the time of the day.

Under cabinet lighting or pendant lights over bar areas or kitchen islands are very popular these days.  Both add mood and ambiance to the kitchen.

If new lights aren’t in the budget you may consider changing your lighting fixtures or adding dimmer switches to control light volume.


Make your kitchen really pop with a new backsplash. Tile adds appeal and allows the homeowner to put their personal touch to the kitchen.  Tile backsplashes come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Tile is a great backsplash material which wears well and makes cleaning a breeze!

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