Kitchen Updates Made Easy

Cabinet care

Give your cabinets a fresh look with a cabinet restoration project. Hire a professional to clean your cabinets, fix the areas where the finish has worn or flaked off, and apply a brand new finish. This is a great option if you are happy with the existing color of your cabinets, they are just in need of a little TLC. Another option, which is more involved but totally changes the look of your cabinets is refacing. The existing doors and drawer fronts are replaced and new material “skin” is bonded to the existing cabinets. Painting cabinets is another option. But, again, it should be left for the professionals since there may be underlying problems. Painting cabinets that are made from a porous wood species like oak, may not give you the results you were looking for.

Add some color

A few color accessories in a well-placed area can energize your kitchen. And they can be inexpensive items like bold hued bowls or plastic flowers and fruit. These types of items can instantly create a focal point. Interesting light fixtures with a splash of color can do the trick as well to add accent color to your kitchen. You can purchase funky light fixtures at flea markets, garage sales, or even the buy & sells groups listed on Facebook. Colored placemats are a very inexpensive way to add color to your kitchen or dining area. Discount stores like Ross, Home Goods and Tuesday Mornings are great places to search.

Put some “splash” into your backsplash

Replace or install decorative tile or copper/metal backsplash. It’s relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to install. Whether you do the work yourself or hire an experienced installer depends on your level of comfort and DIY experience. But backsplash can really add contrast and interest to your kitchen décor. They have some really nice glass or brick backsplash available now and at a reasonable prices. Remember that your countertop and backsplash materials DON’T have to match! It’s a great contrast when they are different colors and different materials.

Materials mix up

Typically, kitchen design has favored uniformity, one type of cabinet and one type of countertop material style. But things are changing, for the better! Designer now are combining different material types and finishes in a single area, thus creating excitement and interest. It’s great for the novice decorator, no more worrying if things match perfectly. Cabinets surrounding a center kitchen island can either be finished to match the island or the island can be painted to “pop” against the cabinetry. Countertops can vary from style due to location as well. Granite counters with lots of “movement” can be installed on the outer cabinets, but a solid black or white countertop can complement the center island. Knobs and handle can spice up a kitchen, especially if you choose glass or ceramic type of style. The great thing about knobs and handles are they are very easy to change out when you have grown tired of the style. You just need to be sure that you choose the same exact drill pattern when you pick your new hardware.

Add an island “hopping”

Installing a custom built island can be a pricy convenience. Save money by opting for an unfinished or even an assemble-ready table. Look for islands with that options like storage shelves or rolling casters. Make sure you have enough room for your island before you purchase it. You may even want to use freestanding furniture in place of your island. An antique table (with no chairs around it) painted a bright, cheery color makes a nice working space

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