Planning a Kitchen Make Over on a Budget

Most people consider their kitchen the hub of the home, but everyone uses their kitchen differently and all have a style that’s their own.  A kitchen works hard to create a stylish and savvy kitchen you’ll be sure to love and enjoy with friends and family.  Here are a few examples of kitchen decorating ideas on a budget.

 Cabinet Restoration KitchenCabinets

Cabinets tend to be the anchor of the kitchen, which means once your cabinet material and color is determined then you can continue with the rest of the kitchen material selection process. The main cost effect cabinet remedies are cabinet restoration and cabinet color changes.

With cabinet restoration the homeowner is able to keep their existing cabinet color.  The cabinet finish is clean, repaired and top coat is reapplied to give the cabinets a new finish.  The color remains the same the finish is restored to a like new appearance.  This is a great way to go if you are happy with the color of your cabinets, your cabinet finish just needs to be refinished.  The price is usually approximately ¼ of replacing your cabinets. The process usually takes only a day or two to complete.

Cabinet color change will change the color of your existing cabinets.  With this option you keep the existing wood, just the color of your existing cabinets is changed. This process costs a bit more than cabinet restoration but you have the advantage of changing the color of your cabinets without the expense of refacing or replacing.  The color change process usually takes 3 days to complete.


Kitchen countertops can be refinished too.  To extend the functional life (approximately 10-15 years with basic care and maintenance) without having to replace your countertops you may consider countertop refinishing.  This process involves repairing and restoring the existing kitchen or bath vanity by applying a very hard and durable acrylic coating.  This process works on kitchen counters, bath vanities, laminate breakfast counters, and even cultured marble countertops (usually used in bath vanities).

Countertop refinishing is almost more cost effective than replacing old and worn counters that may have unique curves and angles.  Also, with this process you will avoid the demolition mess that sometimes is associated with countertop replacement.  And your countertop can return to light duty within 24-36 hours. You only have to wait hours and not weeks for your new countertop look.   The finishes come in dozens of colors and textures.   Make sure you contact a professional countertop refinisher for the best possible outcome.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting can be one of your kitchen’s best assets as long as it is carefully thought-out.  Be sure to analyze the areas in your kitchen specifically with the lighting needs in mind. You’ll need a combination of lighting needs:  general light, task lighting and ambience.  This would include overhead, recessed and under cabinet lighting.  The fun starts when decorative lighting, light pendant lights, come into play.  They are popular over kitchen islands and kitchen tables. Chandeliers are appearing in kitchens over islands and tables too, though they were once considered “taboo” in the kitchen.  For desk areas in kitchens, lamps are appropriate to informal illumination.  To set the right mood in your kitchen, don’t forget to install dimmer switches.  They can transform your informal eating area into a romantic dinner area for two with a simple click of the switch.


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