Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

After Cabinet Refacing Berkeley, CAExciting things are head of us this coming summer!  Stock market is up and home prices seem to be on the rise. Many people are deciding to stay in their current homes and wanting to update their kitchens by refacing their kitchen cabinets. Why not enjoy your home time more. Entertaining during the summer increases and what a great way to improve your valuable family time.

Cabinet refacing is usually completed in five days and doesn’t ‘break the bank’. Refacing consists of tearing off your existing doors and drawer fronts, replacing your doors and drawer fronts with brand new materials and then bonding new material to your existing cabinets. Refacing jobs, if done correctly, look exactly like custom cabinets.  Crown moulding really dresses up a kitchen and adds elegance.  Keep in mind that any cabinet can be refaced, bath vanities, laundry room cabinets, desk areas, etc.  Doors can be ordered to accommodate glass inserts giving your kitchen a bit of added interest and style.

Roll-out shelves and new drawer boxes can also be installed with a refacing project. Also, any modification or change that the homeowner may want can be done with a refacing combination.  Specific needs and wants can be accommodated when a homeowner chooses to reface. Adding or subtracting cabinetry is possible with refacing. A common modification would be a upper refrigerator cabinet making it deeper, giving you a bit more storage space.  Also, changing the sizes of drawer boxes in a drawer bank, either making the sizes smaller or larger.

Custom finishes are an option with kitchen cabinet refacing.  Material is ordered un-finished and the homeowner is able to choose exactly the color for their cabinets.  Lighter material tends to make a smaller kitchen look bigger. Woods like maple or oak with a natural (clear) finish is a good choice for lighter wood.  Natural Cherry is a medium color wood and is a wood species that doesn’t go out of style.  Cherry wood with a stain takes advantage of the wonderful cherry wood.

Countertops do not have to replaced when cabinets are refaced, thus, saving the homeowner money and time. Countertop removal, new sink, faucet and dishwasher re-hook-up can add a surprise cost to the entire countertop project. Another hidden cost is when countertops are replaced, electrical upgrades are also needed. So what may start out as an inexpensive counter upgrade can turn quite expensive fast when you need a countertop installer, a plumbing contractor and an electrician.

Once your cabinet refacing project is complete, now is the time to dress those cabinets up by adding stylish new handles and knobs.  Hardware is jewelry for cabinetry and the right pieces can make your newly refaced cabinets truly shine! Don’t be afraid to mix and match hardware designs for a custom look.  Different hardware styles add drama and glamor. As long as the pieces have the same finish, it’s fun to mix and match styles.  You may even consider glass knobs to really make your kitchen more interesting.

If you are happy with your current cabinetry wood species and your cabinets just need to be restored, you may consider cabinet finish cleaning and restoration.  This process is for cabinets that have strong structure it is just that the finish is flaking off.  Cabinets are cleaned with an industrial solvent, problems areas are prepped to accept matching stain color.  The stain will be applied and this evens out the color.  A top finish coat is then applied over the entire cabinetry in a gloss, semi-gloss or a matte finish.  This remedy can be completed in just one day with excellent results!

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