Rustic Character: Cottage Style Painted Cabinets

Salvage your Old Cabinets. Assuming that your existing cabinets are structurally sound, you can save thousands of dollars refurbishing them.

Few kitchen update projects have the same impact as painted cabinets. A fresh coat of colorful paint can have quite a dramatic effect on your old cabinets.

 With the high cost of replacing or refacing dated or faded kitchen cabinets, painted cabinets is a great option. If it is done correctly, a small investment will make a huge difference.  Get ready to give your most used room in the house a facelift and save yourself money while you’re at it.

 You can reconnect with nature by combining distressed finishes, salvaged wood and handcrafted details for home sweet home rustic character.

When it comes to color you must go with what you love. Color painted cabinets can bring the feeling of warmth and cheer. You have options with painting your current cabinet and doors.

  First, you need to decide if you are replacing your doors and drawer fronts or if you are going to keep your existing. If you are truly looking for a kitchen update then you might consider changing out your existing doors/drawer fronts for new.  Changing your door and drawer front style could be that inexpensive update you are wanting.  A bead board or shaker style door could be that design style for you. Either way you choose you can truly transform your existing cabinets by merely painting them.

 Should you paint your kitchen cabinets yourself? Chances are no, you should not. Painting kitchen cabinets takes somewhat of a special skill and is not the same as painting your walls.

 If you are wanting simply a worn or a truly beat up, rustic finish you need to layer the under paint colors and spatter dark paint (to look like fly specks). When dried, you can distress the finish by hitting your cabinets, doors and drawer fronts with a chain or you can lightly sand spots on the cabinets where they get the most use to reveal the colors underneath.  You may want to practice on either the back of one of your cabinet doors or on a similar piece of wood to make sure of your results. 


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