drawer boxes

Drawer Boxes

Make life easier in the Kitchen with Drawer Boxes!

All properly working kitchens must have good working drawer boxes. Too often underestimated is the importance and value of high quality drawer boxes. They provide stability and strength to your kitchen. You must have access to all your cooking utensils, not just the ones located in the front of the drawer! Nothing more frustrating than having your drawer boxes coming apart, coming off track or rubbing wood to wood and causing “wood crumbs” to fall to the cabinets or drawer box below. Nobody wants wood particles in their food! Plus the fact that you are not utilizing all your kitchen space efficiently. Another causation for defective drawer boxes is the actual hardware that many of the builders used. Plastic parts will eventually get brittle and break leaving you with a worthless drawer box.

drawer boxesCustom drawer boxes may be the perfect cost effective solution for any homeowner. Consider replacing your drawer boxes, not your entire kitchen! All metal drawer box hardware is a must! Just this one simple upgrade will save you future money and frustration. Drawer boxes are measured for your specific cabinet size. Full extension slides will also help you to utilize your storage space as much as possible. No more having those 4 inches in the back of the drawer that you simple cannot reach because the drawer only pulls out so far. The soft-close feature is a standard on all our drawer boxes. This mechanism will eliminate your drawer boxes from slamming shut. Soft-close allows your drawer boxes to gently and softly close, thus saving the hardware and extending the life of your drawer boxes. There are several types of drawer boxes available for your selection. Dovetailed or doweled drawer boxes tend to be the most popular. Our drawer boxes are made from pre-finished birch which makes them very easy to wipe clean.

Too often under estimated is the importance and value of high quality drawer boxes.

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