Cabinet Renewal

Wood Renewal

Kitchen Make-Overs, Inc. offers Wood Renewal. This is a great service if you like your cabinets!

Our Wood Renewal Process

Kitchen Make-Overs’ start by masking and covering the appliances, countertops & floors. Plastic sheeting is put up around your kitchen.Next we clean the cabinets with a solvent-based cleaner to get off any build-up (grime or grease) or lacquer finish that may be flaking off. This is an important part of the process. The cabinets must be perfectly clean before we can repair the color and finish. Kitchen cabinets can become very dirty just by everyday use: grease particles become airborne when cooking, spill and splashes or touching and grabbing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Cabinets should be professionally cleaned once a year.

Once the cabinets are cleaned properly, matching stain color is then applied to damaged areas, evening out the color. Finish that has been worn off to the bare wood should be repaired immediately to avoid letting oil to get into the wood, making the color repair more difficult. Some people may try to do this repair themselves, which we don’t recommend. You may have the original stain bottle but it might not match. Cabinet Finishes change over the years and the wood may take the stain differently then if it had never been finished at all.

The last step to Wood Renewal is to seal the cabinets. We do this by applying three coats of a new finish (gloss, semi-gloss or matte) so your cabinets are completely sealed and protected. When homeowners have this service done they are saving thousands of dollars! Comparing cabinet refacing pricing (8K-15K) and new cabinets (15K-25K) Wood Renewal is very affordable.

If you like the color and style of your cabinets, renewal is a fast and inexpensive solution. Most jobs are completed in just one day! This service also works for stair rails, interior wood doors and bath vanity cabinets.

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