Simple Ways to Stretch Your Kitchen Makeover Budget

When you’re remodeling your home the best place to “spend too much money” would be in the kitchen.  If you “cheap out” on your cabinets or appliances you might regret it every day.  You need to spend appropriately on appliances and items you will be using several times per day. You can save money elsewhere. 


Try not to make changes when the work is already in progress. Nothing can blow a budget faster than making unexpected changes in the middle of the project.  Spend that extra time visiting showrooms or model homes, looking through magazines or meeting with professional kitchen designers.


Make sure the contractors you are considering hiring give you a detailed estimate including a targeted completion date.  Beware if a bid is so low is sounds too good to be true, than it probably is. As a general rule you should get at least 3 bids and throw out the lowest priced bid.

Work Yourself:

You can cut some cost by doing part of the work yourself. Focus on jobs you feel comfortable completing and jobs that don’t hold up the entire project. If you are able to remove items (Flooring or Cabinets) or even do your own finish painting. Leave the more complicated tasks, like electrical and plumbing, to the professionals.  It’s way worth it in the end.

Time Your Purchases:

Buying your appliances in the month of December is one of best months for savings. Retailers often have sales on big-ticket items during the holidays.  You might want to sign up for sales alerts on store websites and receive sale notices all year long.

Mix and Match:

I you are replacing all your appliances you can save money by mixing and matching different brands.  Be practical. Choose function over form.




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