Spruce Up Your Kitchen An Easy, Affordable Way

mid-century-kitchen-knobs-and-drawer-pullsUnhappy with your kitchen but a big remodel is just not in the budget? By spending a little money and utilizing your DIY (do it yourself) skills, you can make changes to your kitchen that’ll make your house stand out like new.

Here are some creative and affordable ways to update your kitchen making a big impact without spending a lot of money.

Replacing your cabinets or even painting your current cabinets is a costly and time-consuming business. Considering that most of the time you are unable to use your kitchen during one of these types of projects. When you are unable to use your kitchen you might have to spend money eating out every night during the construction. Try to stick to simpler cabinet projects that can restore or revitalize your current cabinets while keeping your kitchen functional. One remedy may be to have your cabinet finished cleaned and restored. This process adds years to the life of your cabinets and makes you happy with your cabinetry again.

Hardware is another easy and affordable change you can make to your kitchen cabinets. This little change can make a big impact. If you’re lucky, you may already have knobs and or handles on your cabinets. If this is the case, simply replace the existing hardware with an update or current style, using the holes already drilled in the doors or drawer fronts. If you never had hardware or if you are changing the drill pattern, you may want to have an experienced cabinet person do the drilling and installing for you. One incorrectly place hole and you are looking to buy a new door, new hinges and will need to have the door/drawer front stained to match to existing. Save yourself the hassle and hire it out, it should only be around $200-$300 and is well worth the cost.

To change the color of your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the color of your cabinets or your countertops, you can accomplish this with fabric! Replace your old curtains or reupholster or purchase new fabric chairs to bring new life to your kitchen and freshen up the entire design. Give you kitchen a whole new look and feel. Change things out. If you currently have curtains then think about installing Roman shades instead. There are so many styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, and many of these you can purchase at thrift and discount stores. You can recover your chairs in a couple of hours and is simple DIY project you can complete and feel good doing it!
Also, replacing or adding new rugs to your kitchen will add even more color and interest and could change the look of the entire room.

Adding backsplash to your kitchen is another idea to update your kitchen. You can save a lot of money and will create a huge difference if you install your own backsplash material. If you are considering a tile backsplash, measure the wall space you need to cover first and calculate how much material you will need. Tile is sold by the box so it’s important to get as close as possible to what you need so you don’t have a bunch of left over tiles.

Tidy up your space to give it a new feel. Small touches here and there will really give your kitchen a new look and feel. Organize your kitchen by organizing your countertop space. Do you have too many appliances on your counter? Eliminate the stuff you don’t need and find a way to display the things you want to keep. Use baskets or decorative boxes for accessible items.

Use color accents to add interest to your kitchen. This is a real inexpensive way to decorate. Look for eye-catching items at thrift stores; plates, bowls, serving pitchers. Add unusual or unique items like an antique door handle can be used as a towel rack. Use your imagination. Paint things if needed to make then look new or to add color to match your new room design.

Making a few, inexpensive changes can create a new look in your kitchen, keep your budget and save you the pain of a huge kitchen remodel.

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