Top 5 Tips for Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Restoration KitchenThese tips are smart and save you money too! Cabinet refinishing is a fast and inexpensive way to revitilize your exisiting cabinetry.  Whether you  are updating your kitchen to sell or updating for your own personal enjoyment, either way, you want to make sure your hard earned dollars go a long way.  Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home and any improvements made to your kitchen will increase the value of your home and increase your kitchen enjoyment factor.

  1. Draw up a budget: Know what you are willing to spend before you start your project. For a basic kitchen remodel you should expect to pay a minimun of $100 per linear foot.  High end projects can cost as much as $1200 per linear foot! With cabinet refinishing you can expect to pay well under half of a  basic kitchen remodel price.
  2. Do your homework:  Search your area for an experienced cabinet refinisher. Be sure to ask for references and make sure they are bonded, licensed and insured. Request to see a portfolio of completed jobs and better yet, ask if they have a showroom you can visit.
  3. Ask the experts: Cabinet refinishing involves much color matching and skill.  Make sure your prospective contractor is experienced in matching stain finishes. This can make or break your project.  You might want to ask what type of contractor license they carry.  A more credible contractor would have their painting and decorating license if they perform these types of services.
  4. Create a work area: It’s smart to stake out a proper work area for the contractor prior to starting the job.  Especially if you are having your work done during the fall or winter seasons when the weather is unpredictable.  The cabinet refinishing process is primarily completed in the kitchen but additional workspace may be needed for mixing and combining various stain colors to match your cabinet color.
  5. Clean up: This is very important.  Be sure to ask what are the contractors clean-up practices. Make sure they are willing to haul away all the construction debris.  Ask for this in writing to avoid any misunderstandings after the job is completed.

Remembering these 5 tips can help you avoid any unforeseen problems with your cabinet refinishing project.  Cabinet refinishing is a fast and economic way to update your kitchen cabinets.


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