Water Works for the Kitchen: Make it the Clean Scene

 The most visited destination in your kitchen isn’t the pantry or the refrigerator as you might imagine, it’s your sink. It’s used to prepare and clean up every meal or snack. With kitchen faucet and sink choices as varied as kitchen designs and cooking styles, the trick is to learn what works best for you and what looks good too!

 It may be worth your while to visit a couple kitchen showrooms or home centers to get an idea or a feel for what types of faucet or sink will fit your needs. Traditional double-bowl, large single-bowl or modular and corner basis are a few types of sinks available to you.

Determining a sink material may take some though. Are you looking for a certain style, certain durability, easy clean up, or is cost your priority? 

 Stainless steel is by far the most popular material and is very affordable. Stainless steel is also one of the easiest sinks to keep clean. Keep in mind when choosing a stainless steel sink that the lower the gauge, the stronger the metal. This also applies with copper and aluminum sinks.

 For a sink with color you might want an enameled cast-iron sink or an enameled sink (weighs less than cast-iron).

 If you are interested in having your sink blend in with your countertop you may consider a composite or engineered stone or granite and quartz. Keep in mind these types of sinks add class to your kitchen, more damage to your wallet and weight on your cabinets.

 Style and function may complicate your choice for a kitchen faucet.  Start by determining classic or contemporary style or something in-between.  There are lots of styles and finish colors to choose from: warm, rustic tones of brass, bronze, copper, or iron, brushed nickel, stainless steel or the ever-popular polished chrome.

 And how can you forget about the cool features and accessories that help ease our tasks. Water-filtering faucets, high-arch or gooseneck spouts, pullout sprayers and touch less models are today’s helpful options. Pot-filler faucets are another option that successfully translated from restaurant use to residential use.

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