Which Is The Better Choice? Wood Restoration v Wood Renewa

Cabinet RestorationWhat is the difference, you may be asking yourself. Well, the difference is huge. The wood renewal process consists of cleaning wood cabinets with an oily substance. Oil is applied on top of the cabinet finish, making them look good for a short period of time. The oil basically sits there on top of the finish  until it is either,  dried, evaporated,  or wiped off from the cabinet surface.   In a short amount of time your cabinets will be right back where you started, having cabinets that need refinishing!  It’s an inexpensive process, but it does no good to your existing cabinet finish.

Wood restoration, on the other-hand, is a more permanent solution. Cabinets are thoroughly cleaned with a commercial grade cleaner. New finish is applied to areas damaged by steam, sunlight, or water. New finish is applied to the rest of the cabinetry which seals and protects. This finish will most likely last the remaining life of your existing cabinets and chances are that this finish will be of better quality of the original finish. Most wood restoration projects can be completed in one day. One of the many benefits of wood restoration is that it doesn’t disrupt your daily routine and your kitchen is available for use the same day.

Be sure to choose a licensed, experienced contractor when making your cabinet restoration decision. This will surely save you tons of time, money and heartache if you do your research beforehand.

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